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nur was für hartgesottene Nicholas-Cage-Fans

Nicolas Cage - Nic Cage fans will be happy to know that they can freely snuggle up with him, thanks to the Nicholas Cage Couch. Whether or not this is indeed a re.

nicolas cage by carolehug

This Collection Of Sincere Fan Art Turned Into Lifelike Photoshops Will Give You Nightmares


The awkward moment when your friends fat arm makes you look naked. "totally had to take a double look. Thought she was naked!

friends... birthday present for me

Nicholas Cage Blanket Parody | Blanket

NIcholas Cage Pop Art - For punching after long days or throwing at people who think they are good at acting, but actually suck.

Nicholas Cage suit. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen

Nicolas cage suit, this girl’s life is complete…

“ Hair protector to be worn while eating.   ”

Protects your hair when you eat. because getting food in your hair would just look ridiculous.Yes, when I eat I always flail around and get food in my hair, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!

Lizard - Google 検索

Best Mohawk Ever! Mohawk haircut looks like gecko - lizard is awesome!