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Deviled Egg Macaroni Salad... This was so yummy! All the yumminess of deviled eggs without the PITA preparation. We leave out the relish.

17 Meals That Make Great Leftovers — Recipes from

In an ideal world, I would cook a hot, fresh meal every night, but we all know that is just not reality! Leftovers fill in the gaps on busy nights and make home-cooked lunches possible. How do you avoid the boredom of eating the same thing several days in a row? The key to leftovers is having the right recipes. With the right recipe, leftovers mean opening your fridge for dinner isn't a drag. You'll actually look forward to several days of eating the recipes we have for you today. From…

Return of the Mac: Basil + Brussels Sprout Mac and Cheese

Before we dive into this recipe, take a second to cue up Return of the Mack. Okay, now we’re good. We’ve already shown you how to make smoked gouda mac in your microwave, adorably miniature mac and cheese muffins, and now it’s time to make a more green take on this comfort food classic. After all, when is it not time for a return of the mac… and cheese?