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architecture BRIO erects a learning pavilion in mumbai

a lightweight steel structure by architecture brio serves as an educational shelter and challenge course for children in mumbai.

SYRIA REFUGEE CRISIS INFOGRAPHIC: The Syria refugee crisis is the worst humanitarian disaster of this century, but no one is talking about it. Over 12 million people have been affected. Half of the population of Syria has left their homes.

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This map shows how many Syrian refugees have entered into surrounding countries. It is estimated that a total of 4.1 million people have died in the civil war in Syria. Almost 2 million people have fled to Turkey in search of safety.

This Graphic Shows the Astonishing Scale of Syria's Refugee Crisis



LONDON / Weightless ✪ - LCLA office

LCLA OFFICE is an Architecture and Landscape studio based in Oslo and Medellin. LCLA office is directed by Luis Callejas

Mobile housing unit - Architecture for a Change (pty)ltd

This mobile housing unit was originally designed to alleviate harsh living conditions for mine workers in South-Africa.

The Refugee Highway – Refugee Infographic | Communicating.Across.Boundaries

The Refugee Highway – Refugee Infographic – communicating across the boundaries of faith

Can You Change the World with Infographics? - Venngage

Can You Change the World with Infographics

This infographic gives a basic understanding of the displacement of Syrians. It shows the large numbers who have fled or been displaced along with their needs to survive. It also shows a couple countries that are providing this support to Syrian refugees.

Winners have been unveiled in THE LODGE ON THE LAKE competition. As part of the celebrations for the Centenary of Australia's capital city Canberra in 2013, the University of Canberra and the Galler...

Winners of Australia's THE LODGE ON THE LAKE Competition

australia-s-the-lodge-on-the-lake-competition Second Prize: Professor Alan Pert and team members from Nord architecture/landscape firm (Brian McGinlay, Helen-Anne Love, Mark Bell and Rod Kemsley) and Atelier 10 environmental /structures firm