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Salma ...spoken with the sentiment of many a Virgo woman - or mine at least. We're so strong, capable, sensible, and independent. I want a man who is perfectly fine with that, loves and respects that, and 'gets' that there's no contradiction with how very feminine I am.

This describes my husband! I am very blessed and honored to be married to a man who is this perfect.....he tells me that I'm perfect! Oh how I love my husband! : )

See this is a problem. It gives girls this idea that only the perfect guy will do ALL of these things, when they won't. Yeah, they may randomly send you flowers or call to say goodnight, but he'll also end up suffocating you. It sets you up for failure, because when he doesn't do these things you think there's someone better, when he's actually perfect, just not one of Nicolas Sparks characters...