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67: "Your flowers are dying" "That's what happens in the fall. It's funny, once I told that to Becker. How, if we really thought about it, those who like the fall, are basically saying how much we love walking through the corpses of beautiful things" she told Newt

red #Rose flowers|

Why didn't I think of buying seeds online! duh! Heirloom 100 Seeds Deep Purple Maroon Rose Garden Roses RARE Double Perennial Flower B3018 via Etsy

Deep Purple luxury: (Decaying) flowers (photo)shot by Billy Kidd (via 30105673012)

Loving these colors... Beautiful! Fall colors: Burgundy + Teal

one of my favorite rose colors. They are either Sterling Silver or Blue Bird. Used them for my wedding against mauve pink bridesmaid dresses.

photo: romantic rose | photographer: Alena Červeňanská | WWW.PHOTODOM.COM