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Walking the Wire

Painters hang from suspended wires on the Brooklyn Bridge October 7, 1914. AP Photo / NYC Municipal Archives


“Sink” by Antoine Art Studio. ☀

Negative space. author?

Pierre Boucher - L’eau, 1935

Persio Pucci aka ppucci - Rain in black and white, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2012. S)

Rainy Days. | umbrellas | the rain| come together

Mike Mandel - Skyway, Santa Cruz, 1970-73. °


they could both do with a little head...

Unknown #art #photography #surreal

Rain Walk by Joel Robison

black and white photography of a beautiful cobbled street #black #white #photo #photography #cobbledstreet

Soul-Searching Double Exposure Photography by Aneta Ivanova

Drifting ~ #UnderWaterPhotography #Water #Ocean #Sea #Bubbles

photographer? Location?

Self Portrait. New York City. ABOUT BRYANT "Bryant Eslava, a 19-year-old photographer from Orange County, CA, has the talent, the skills, and the determination. But most important of all, Bryant is staying true to his dream. This fall he made the move to fashion mecca, New York City, to follow it." - Ben Trovato *all photos taken by me*

Rainstorm -The rain came down upon my head - Unsheltered. And the wind rendered me mad and deaf and blind.” Edgar Allen Poe

I like how the arms are asymmetrical while the legs are symmetrical in this picture, and especially the lighting which creates an awesome shadow that distorts the dancer's silhouette.

#paris #mood #ambiance #depth #crow #shopping cart #eiffel tower Paris.. by Mikko Lagerstedt on 500px