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(Part 1) These are some facts that J.K.Rowling let slip in numerous interviews. Facts that tell us what all happened nineteen years later: ~ Azkaban no longer uses Dementors as guardians. ~George Weasley married Angelina Johnson and had 2 children named Fred and Roxanne. ~Harry made sure that the Wizarding world knew that Snape was a hero and on Dumbledore's side. ~Slytherin House became more diluted and was no longer solely pureblood; however its dark reputation lingers.

Regardless of what J.K. Rowling said, I still believe Hermione and Ron were meant for each other. You can't have that kind of chemistry with someone and not need to end up together.

I have no idea what IKEA is but this is awesome

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28 Things That Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended

28 Things That Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended; Kingsley Shacklebolt became Minister of Magic.

Antioch Peverell - "So the oldest brother, who was a combative man, asked for a wand more powerful than any in existence: a wand that must always win duels for its owner, a wand worthy of a wizard who had conquered Death!"

For Hufflepuff, hard workers were most worthy of admission;