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I don’t want to grow up, that’s why I am fat. You tell ‘em hippo! Never gonna grow up!

present tense, health, querer gordos el otro lunes

What are we? What do we want? To start our diet and exercise! When do we want to start? On Monday! Today is Monday. Next Monday! :D

Not the mama....

The resemblance is uncanny between Honey Boo Boo and Baby Dinosaur!

Free Hugs!

Free Hugs!

chibird: Everyone finds a friend in the end, even the little cactus. :D Sidenote: I had an amazing/crazy time at state’s and prom. We’re going to national’s again! I’ll post more drawings this week to make up for the past few days~

HAHAHAHA so true!:

Bras We Have Known, Illustrated

Winnie the Pooh doesn't give a bother

"I don't even give a bother". -PoohBear If pooh bear doesnt give a bother, neither should you!

I imagine this is what they always do

Waiter, the food was delicious, could you compliment the cook for me please? Harold, you are beautiful.