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Rush Limbaugh suggested the Obama Administration manipulated hurricane forecasts in order to: a) Scare people b) Hurt the GOP convention c) Stir up attacks on George Bush. Oh, for pete's sake! That is just ludicrous.

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let me get this straight...

You Can Now Listen To Justice Scalia Call Obamacare 'SCOTUScare' Over And Over

Over the weekend, GOP congressional candidate Mark Sanford gave voters his personal cell phone number and asked them to call him in a full-page ad in a South Carolina newspaper. Democrats have been obliging his request en masse over the past few days, Columbia Patch reported on Thursday.

BEIJING (AP) — An American executive said Monday he has been held hostage for four days at his medical supply plant in Beijing by scores of workers demanding severance packages like those given to 30 co-workers in a phased-out department. Chip Starnes,

In every U.S. state, Americans are struggling to get by in large part because their state governments aren’t doing enough to ensure they have a livable wage or the benefits necessary to make life affordable, according to the Economic Security Scorecard, a report released Tuesday by the nonprofit Wider Opportunities for Women.

A Salt Lake City resident is accusing Sen. Orrin Hatch's staff of calling the police after she requested to meet with the Utah Republican, a version of events his office strongly disputed on Wednesday. Elise Lazar told the Salt Lake City Tribune that she called Hatch's Salt Lake City office last week to ask if the senator would hold a town hall meeting during Congress's Easter recess.

WTF? Is he insane?

Rupert Murdoch Was Secretly Recorded Admitting Violations Of American Law