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  • Annie Morino

    REPORT: Nation's Second Largest Radio Broadcaster Planning To Drop Rush Limbaugh | ThinkProgress

  • Truthdig

    Tracy Bloom: Limbaugh Disses RNC’s ‘Autopsy Report,’ Bachmann Tells Big Lie at CPAC, and More - Politics Today - Truthdig

  • noreen scully

    Rush Limbaugh has written a kid's book called—wait for it—"Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans." WTF!

  • artsy Chica

    You heard me: Rush Limbaugh is “a racist troll” Mediaite and Politico think my saying that is news. Have they missed his 40 years of shameful racial stereotyping? By Joan Walsh

  • Robert Campbell Sr.

    More progressive multicultural diversity & tolerance: “black people, if you ever wonder why whites move out when you move in, if you ever wonder why once-prosperous malls filled with white shoppers decline into nasty rundown cr@p-holes, understand this: we may be publicly muzzled from speaking out by the PC thought police, but we are not blind. we see how you act. this video just shows expected behavior.

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Boycotters Win As Cumulus Media Dumps Rush Limbaugh!!! VICTORY!!! We Shall Overcome The Insanity!!!

Rush Limbaugh suggested the Obama Administration manipulated hurricane forecasts in order to: a) Scare people b) Hurt the GOP convention c) Stir up attacks on George Bush.

Since he doesn't "get any" any more, why should he be nice to women, especially since he never was. Washed up old fool. Biddy Craft

Love him! Hope his attitude spreads to the rest of the country. Perfect! If the rest of the country does this, we'll have a good argument to keep our guns. And no need for Obama's FEMA Corps.

James O'Keefe: Rush LImbaugh says this wimp is the "Special Forces of Conservatives"