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IMAGES: Stunning, Tiny Paintings On Vintage Books

Colleen Theisen, a librarian at University of Iowa's Special Collections and University Archives, recently found these awesome fore-edge paintings on a series of books from the 19th century. The b
  • bettie dowty

    Incredible Mind Boggling Hidden Art Work Found on the Fore-Edge of Early 19th Century Books | World Truth.TV

  • jean maier

    Autumn Foreedge paintings. University of Iowa, Robert Mudie 1837 donate by Charlotte Smith

  • Tricia Welch

    Secret Fore Edge Paintings Revealed in Early 19th Century Books at the University of Iowa seasons painting illustration fore edge painting books. I'm going to try this on my books.

  • Tricia Lavin

    Art hidden in the pages of old books. Fascinating information and gorgeous paintings.

  • Calimyrna Moon

    Previously unknown secret paintings discovered on the edge of antique book pages A few months back, a rare art collection was discovered at the University of Iowa…in the library, of all places. Colleen Theisen, a staff member with the University’s Special Collection and University Archives, found a set of fore edge paintings, meaning paintings done on the outside pages of a book, only discernible when the book’s pages are fanned out. The books wer

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