Lewis Carroll's Letter to Alice Liddell and Other Artifacts From the NYPL's Children's Books Exhibition

Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell

Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell taking a stroll, probably in Oxford.

Lewis Carroll’s original last page of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, including a picture of Alice Liddell.

Lewis Carroll, 1863, photographer from theguardian.com: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson is better known to us as Lewis Carroll, the author of numerous books including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was also a keen photographer. It has been assumed that the young girl (Alice Liddell) at the left of this group portrait taken in 1860 was Carroll's inspiration for the character of Alice. #Photography #Lewis_Carroll #Alice

Alice in Wonderland.

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C.S. Lewis

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Lewis Carroll's real name: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Ths pseyudonym comes from variations on his name derived from Latin. Lewis is an anglicaized verson Lutwidge and Carroll is an Irish surname similar to the Latin for Charles.

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From Words (a Golden Book) by Joe Kaufman, 1963.

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Original cover of Der Prozess by Franz Kafka, published in 1925 by Verlag Die Schmiede, Berlin (written 1914-1915)