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When You Love A Book Because of Who It's From

When You Love A Book Because of Who It's From<<< this article is one of the most romantic and realistic things I've ever read about reading.


Biographies of historical figures for children, flaws and all

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The Brontës Made Tiny Books As Children

RT @BuzzFeedBooks: The Brontë Sisters Made Tiny Books As Children And They Are Adorable: …

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The 16 Best Things About Being In A Book Club

literatura - educação - livros - gatos - Descubra qual era o livro mais vendido no dia em que você nasceu | Catraca Livre

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Community Post: 12 Signs You're Really Into Your Book

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14 Paintings That Revolutionized Art

Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" 1665) "Certainly the way Vermeer captured subtle changes of light and focus seems to anticipate photography: some features appear in focus, while others seem out of focus, and objects are depicted with a foreshortening that resembles that seen in photographs -- this is perhaps one reason why he appeals to us today."