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    Today is the birthday of Ramón de Campoamor (1817 – 1901). He was a Spanish realist poet and philosopher, was born at Navia. The poet himself declared that a dolora is a "dramatic humorada", and that a "pequeño poema" is a dolora on a larger scale. These definitions are unsatisfactory. More information about Campoamor and his poems on PoemHunter: Happy Birthday Ramón de Campoamor!

  • Aino

    +Portrait of Ramon Maria de las Mercedes de Campoamor y Campoosorio, c.1883-85 by Emilio Sala y Frances (Spanish, 1850 - 1910)......This dignified chap, set before some rather fine tapestries, was a Spanish realist poet and philosopher who lived from 1817 until doubt that's a volume of his own work resting on his hat....

  • Mara Daisy Cruz

    "La duda", del español Ramón de Campoamor (1817-1901), es el poema clásico de esta semana, escogido por la escritora Mara Daisy Cruz, administradora de Ciudad Seva:

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Cry of pain. ~ Ramon de Campoamor

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