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    Today is the birthday of Ramón de Campoamor (1817 – 1901). He was a Spanish realist poet and philosopher, was born at Navia. The poet himself declared that a dolora is a "dramatic humorada", and that a "pequeño poema" is a dolora on a larger scale. These definitions are unsatisfactory. More information about Campoamor and his poems on PoemHunter: Happy Birthday Ramón de Campoamor!

    Today is the birthday of Lope de Vega (1562-1635). He was a Spanish playwright and poet. He was one of the key figures in the Spanish Golden Century Baroque literature. His reputation in the world of Spanish literature is second only to that of Cervantes, while the sheer volume of his literary output is unequalled, making him one of the most prolific authors in the history of literature. More information about Lope de Vega and his poems on Poemhunter:

    Today is the birthday of Wisława Szymborska, born in 1923. She was a Polish poet, essayist, translator and recipient of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Literature. Born in Prowent, which has since become part of Kórnik, she later resided in Kraków until the end of her life. She was described as a "Mozart of Poetry". In Poland, Szymborska's books have reached sales rivaling prominent prose authors.

    Today is the birthday of Paul Éluard (1895-1952) a French poet who was one of the founders of the surrealist movement with Louis Aragon and André Breton among others and one of the important lyrical poets of the 20th century. Many of his works reflect the major events of the century, such as the World Wars, the Resistance against the Nazis. More information about Éluard and his poems on Poemhunter: Happy Birthday Paul Éluard!

    Today is the birthday of Tristan Corbière, born in 1845. He was a French poet born in Coat-Congar, Ploujean, near Morlaix in Brittany, where he lived most of his life and where he died. His work was little known until Paul Verlaine included him in his gallery of poètes maudits (accursed poets), but Verlaine's recommendation was enough to get his work noticed and established him as one of the masters acknowledged by the Symbolists.

    Federico García Lorca (June 5, 1898 - 1936), Spanish poet - an emblematic member of the Generation of ‘27; murdered at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War

    Ruy López de Segura. Campeón mundial no oficial (1559-1575).

    Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849) enlisted in the United States Army as a private in 1827. That same year, he released his first book, a 40-page collection of poetry, Tamerlane and Other Poems, attributed with the byline "by a Bostonian".

    Cry of pain. ~ Ramon de Campoamor

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    Baudelaire fue un poeta, crítico de arte y traductor francés. Fue llamado poeta maldito, debido a su vida de bohemia y excesos, y a la visión del mal que impregna su obra. Las influencias más importantes sobre él fueron Théophile Gautier, Joseph de Maistre (de quien dijo que le había enseñado a pensar) y, en particular, Edgar Allan Poe, a quien tradujo extensamente.

    Antonio Machado, uno de los poetas españoles más representativos de la Generación del 98, falleció un 22 de febrero de 1939.

    Miguel de Unamuno

    Today is the birtday of Lewis Carroll (1832–1898) He was an English author, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer. His most famous writings are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass, as well as the poems "The Hunting of the Snark" and "Jabberwocky", all examples of the genre of literary nonsense. More information about Carroll and his poems on Poemhunter: Happy Birthday Lewis Carroll!

    El escritor romántico extremeño José de Espronceda dijo de Salamanca en su obra 'El Estudiante de Salamanca': "La famosa Salamanca/insigne en armas y letras/patria de ilustres varones/noble archivo de la cis ciencias".

    Rosalía de Castro (1837 - 1885), precursora de la poesía española moderna

    Silly photos of serious writers

    Art Journal/Isidro Ferrer: 2

    Edgar Degas (1834–1917) Achille Henri Victor Gouffé (1804–1874), Double Bass Player at the Paris Opéra, 1869 Graphite

    Pierre Bonnard

    Six Friends of the Artist, 1885 Edgar Degas ♥