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7 Life Lessons From 'The Great Gatsby'


The Great Gatsby


The Great Gatsby...

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby Style

There are lessons worth learning here...

Teaching on Themes in 'The Great Gatsby': High School Lesson Plan

Atlanta Ballet's 'The Great Gatsby'

Infographic: Every Scene In "The Great Gatsby". Perhaps a good lesson plan/activity for any book.

Help your students learn how to dig deep into analyzing text with these FOUR SEPARATE CLOSE READING LESSONS to use with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American novel, The Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby, Close Reading Lesson Materials for Four

This is my reading list now. I own (and haven't read) a good half of this list, but I have not managed to read a single one. 32 Books That Will Actually Change Your Life

Make your Great Gatsby unit the favorite of the year with this MASSIVE bundle of beautifully designed materials that will take your class through FOUR FULL WEEKS OF COMPLETE LESSONS covering F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. Everything you’ll need is here; just add a class set of The Great Gatsby novels and you’re good to go.

It would cost you $34.3 million dollars to live like Jay Gatsby today

Online Lesson plans and other resources for Teaching 'The Great Gatsby' With The New York Times - NYTimes.com

“Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned

Questions to ask about theme

This is how I feel every time I see a destroyed book. I saw this thing on how to make petals out of book pages, but I cant do it because I can't rip up a book.

The Great Gatsby Characterization Chart | What You Think 'The Great Gatsby' Is About (CHART)