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myrtle plantation - said to be one of the most haunted places in the u.s. (located outside of new orleans)

Top 10 Most Haunted Cities in the U.S. - #2 Savannah, Georgia: Savannah holds several gothic mansions, cemeteries, and trees that were used in hanging Spanish moss. The most haunted place is The Hampton Lillibridge House, built in 1796, was originally used as a boarding house. The house underwent restoration in the 1960s, and that's when strange phenomenon began to occur. One is a man in a black suit who stares out of the windows.

Urban Ghosts Mediafrom Urban Ghosts Media

Dunlewy Old Church: Eerily Intact and Reputedly Haunted

Consecrated on September 1, 1853, the ruined “Old Church Dunlewy” is a striking landmark in rural Donegal, Ireland. Overlooking the Poisoned Glen at the foot of Errigal, the enigmatic abandonment, built from locally-quarried white marble, was once part of the Dunlewy Estate and stands above a solitary gravestone in the adjacent churchyard.


7 of America's Most Haunted Bars

7 of America’s Most Haunted Bars

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LOOK: Hauntingly Beautiful Decay

Abandoned Places: 20 Hauntingly Beautiful Images Of Forgotten Locations


Amazing abandoned places in the world…

Amazing abandoned places in the world… all now on my bucket list after I win the lottery of course, well unless someone wants to donate to my cause I will give my paypal email...

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17 Surreally Creepy Abandoned Places Around The World


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Strange Geographies: The Happy, Haunted Island of Poveglia

Overrun with weeds. Poveglia in Italy is the world’s most haunted island and it’s up for sale. Lets go buy her.

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Retro travel posters for the world's top cryptozoological hot spots

Retro travel posters for the world’s top cryptozoological hot spots

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World's Most Haunted Forests

England’s Wychwood Forest abounds in haunted tales of visitors who feel hands reaching out to touch their shoulders or hear the thunder of invisible horses. It’s enough to make your spine tingle at the slightest rustle in the leaves. But for every traveler who shies away, there’s another intrigued by that kind of mystery—and the thrill that comes with going deep into the haunted woods. It’s a chance to be an explorer, and any brush with the supernatural makes you feel all the more alive.

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The Drowned Church of Potosi

A town church once nearly submerged by the damming of a river is now hauntingly visible as the water recedes.


Creepy Photos of Abandoned Amusement Parks…

Abandoned Amusement Parks