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    HACKERS: Imagine driving on the freeway at 60 miles per hour and your car suddenly screeches to a halt, causing a pileup that injures dozens of people. Now imagine you had absolutely nothing to do with the accident because your car was taken over by hackers.

    VIDEO: Cops Break into families with homw without warrant and taser wife while she was complying.

    Predators are cruising religious dating sites for easily manipulated women. Such a shame. Watch video in full & check out the article link here:

    JOIN The Monsanto Video Revolt against GMO's in our grocery stores!!

    DARPA Dog Drone

    Now our government is using the Boston Marathon to push more laws and more spy cameras around the country. Who didn't see that coming? More at the link...

    MUST SEE: Actor ACTUALLY gets force fed like GITMO inmates to show the torture aspect of Obama's Administration. Its certainly worth watching and discussing at the link.

    Jayz Spy App! Trojan Horse Much??

    NSA Audits reveal Abuse of Publics Privacy despite Obama's Claims. Why has he forsaken us?

    Are Violent Video Games crafting young males to become murderers with zero feeling? Or is the media masking the real issues in american families homes? Read more at the link...