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Peek Inside Thomas Edison's Creative Journals

Peek Inside Thomas Edison's Creative Journals

New Exhibition Explores Andy Warhol's Relationship With Books

Oyster's here to save Father's Day. Because you were going to get your dad socks, or a tie, or razor blades. You were! You were. In honor of every kind ...

Thomas Edison Inventions | Thomas Alva Edison's most important invention is the light bulb!

Joan Didion "The writer, who detailed her diagnosis [of MS] in "The White Album," told the New York Times she went blind for six weeks due to the disease."

More than 175,000 of Edison’s laboratory notebooks, diaries, business records, correspondence, and other documents are available in the ProQuest History Vault

Thomas Edison

All The Daylight Hours, by Amanda Jernigan

Thomas Edison (left) and Henry Ford (right)

London Book And Poetry Events: 7-13 November 2013

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph

Sylvia Plath self-portrait 1951. Quote "..I am amazed when people tell me differently." -Sylvia Plath

Thomas Edison...inventor

Transnational author Giannina Braschi will attend the second annual Graduate Student Symposium at The School of Humanities of The University of Puerto Rico. 60 international graduate students will attend this event to present original research Works in the Humanities in 20 different academic panels. Puerto Rico’s most internationally celebrated writer Giannina Braschi will have a dramatic performance on Friday, April 19th from 4pm to 6pm at the Sala Jorge Enjuto.

Thomas Edison and early movies

Imaginary Food Diaries Of Famous Authors

Saboteur Awards 2014: The Shortlist!