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    O fotografie datată februarie 1975 o înfăţişează pe lidera Partidului Conservator britanic, Margaret Thatcher, în vârstă de 49 de ani, în bucătăria casei sale din Chelsea, Londra, la scurt timp după alegerea ei, pe 11 februarie 1975, la conducerea partidului. ( AFP ) - See more at: http://zoom.mediafax.ro/people/margaret-thatcher-10726301#sthash.4mZLEuU3.dpuf

  • Grafton Hall

    While Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher did not employ a cook. Instead, she cooked dinner for her husband every night.

  • Inés Santisteban

    Margaret Thatcher 1975. I love her British style costume AND the flowery wallpaper design. It's very British style too the poised 20's kettle and teapot on the stove.

  • Maya Dance

    1975 Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to lead a political party (Conservative).

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