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Subtle Bodies by Norman Rush – review

By dispensing with the female perspective and concentrating on the inadequate male friendships at the heart of the book, Norman Rush would have created a harsher, but better, novel, says Rachel Cusk
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  • Breyanna Taylor

    No one cares until your six feet under.

  • Ashley Gomez

    Do funeral homes charge too much? Another great article by Caleb Wilde

  • Ilesha Graham

    It doesn't matter how bad things look. God is in the restoration business Dead Means Nothing to God | CocoSpeaks

  • Leigh La Loo

    More Younger People Recording Their Final Wishes A recent Facebook conversation between 30-something Middle Tennessee friends began simply, “I’ve compiled a list of songs I want sung at my funeral. That’s normal, right?” The response was absolutely. Others chimed in about funeral plans of their own. One woman had her song list stuck in a Reader’s Digest Home Improvement book along with her handwritten will. Another man noted a Word document on his computer saved as

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