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The Ravens of Farne: A Tale of Saint Cuthbert

and here's my picture book The Ravens of Farne: A Tale of Saint Cuthbert, based on Bede's account.


Why St Cuthbert combed his hair

Why St Cuthbert combed his hair The Lindisfarne Gospels - and St Cuthbert's comb - have narrowly escaped robbery, iconoclasm, fire and damp

Tagged "12th century" | Illumanulast quarter of the 12th century (1175-1199) Northern English (Durham) Yates Thompson 26: (i.a.) Prose Life of Cuthbert by Bede fol. 60r - “Miniature of Cuthbert anointing an ill girl with holy oil and healing her immediately, from Chapter 30 of Bede’s prose Life of St Cuthbert. “

monks at St Cuthbert's hermitage signalling with torches to the monks at Lindisfarne that St Cuthbert is dead, from Chpater 40 of Bede's Life of St Cuthbert, late 12C (Yates Thompson MS 26, f 74v)

Miniature of St Cuthbert praying to God to change the winds beside the river Tyne; miniature of two monks at the monastery of Tynemouth praying for the safety of those blown away in a gale, from Chapter 3 of Bede's prose Life of St Cuthbert, England (Durham), 4th quarter of the 12th century, Yates Thompson MS 26, ff. 10v-11r