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  • Peter Hodges

    Has David Birnbaum solved the mystery of existence?

  • Snowdrops in Spring

    Whitepage: Yes, you can choose to learn in a graduate school the vulgar trade of selling shiny toys to stupid rich and famous and to become rich yourself in the process. But if you do it, you will never become Einstein, and when you wake up, you will find out, it is too late, your potential talent or maybe even potential genius is wasted in exchange of a good income.

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Being dumb in the existing educational system is bad enough. Failing to create a new way of learning adapted to contemporary circumstances might be a national disaster.

Albert Einstein Called Racism “A Disease of White People” in His Little-Known Fight for Civil Rights

Krista Tippett, with On Being. Today: "Mathematics, Purpose, and Truth," with physicist and novelist Janna Levin. We tend to think time is like a straight arrow, always moving forward. But Einstein called that a stubbornly persistent illusion. And Janna Levin's novel, A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines, is structured to evoke time the way physicists know it — as relative and curved, with past, present, and future in a fluid interplay.

Joint Statement of Current Law on Religion in the Public Schools | American Civil Liberties Union

mayhap: “Gilles Deleuze recalls Merleau-Ponty, who taught at his high school, the Lycée Carnot. "E as in Enfance" Gilles Deleuze: From A to Z with Claire Parnet Semiotext(e) and MIT Press ”

"...horror show." From a speech by David Simon, creator of The Wire. "We've somehow managed to march on to two separate futures and I think you're seeing this more and more in the west. I don't think it's unique to America."

"Language, Culture, and Being Human." this is an outstanding LSE talk on language, the Piraha of Brazil, and human happiness. Also a culture with no numbers, life-event imposed name-changes, a whistle language, a hum language, and no sense of past therefore no capability for regret.

More books to add to my endless "to-read" list. I'm always up for a good mystery.