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The 10 Most Interesting Paintings of US Presidents

by Paul Laster
Government buildings and presidential libraries around the country are full of official portraits of our presidents. While some of them are noteworthy, most are boring pictures painted by hacks. Wi...

    The 10 Most Interesting Paintings of US Presidents

  • Hola Lola

    ROBBIE CONAL Contradiction [Ronald Reagan], 1988 Oil on canvas 53 x 40 inches

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Porträt von John F. Kennedy. Bilder: Poster von John Parrot bei

Woodrow Wilson, the President of the United States during World War 1

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The last photograph of President Lincoln while alive, taken in 1865 by Alexander Gardner. - From Twitter

President and Mrs. Kennedy on November 21, 1963...the next day would bring grieving around the world.

Entering the presidential nomination process as a distinct underdog, Lincoln was eventually chosen as the Republican candidate for the 1860 election for several reasons. His expressed views on slavery were seen as more moderate than those of rivals William H. Seward and Salmon P. Chase. His "Western" origins also appealed to the newer states: other contenders, especially those with more governmental experience, had acquired enemies within the party and were weak in the critical western states.

Grant, U.S. General, shares my birthday! Excellent w horses, loved his wife and kids, good president.

  • Amy Lou Williams

    My birthday is April 27th too! Very cool. :)

  • Devin Gardner

    Grant was a good general... not a good president. His administration was fraught with corruption and scandal.

  • Rachel

    Agreed^^not such a good president. Pretty much elected because of America's "war hero syndrome"

Robert Todd Lincoln, c. 1865. Abraham and Mary’s first son, future Secretary of War, present at the assassination of two sitting presidents (though not his father’s.)

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Abraham Lincoln in an un-retouched photo.

I've always liked this picture. JFK was always encouraging Jackie to more involved with the media and PR but here it's JFK who looks slightly uncomfortable and Jackie who appears more relaxed.