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  • Tom Hopkins

    broken record--21 Bad Cliches That Just Make You Sound Old--Said to kids after the umpteenth reminder of something -- 'I'm tired of being a broken record.' We knew a broken record was a bad thing. But to kids today, a broken record is great. It means you've done better than everyone else!" said Sheri Snyder.

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Conversation! A great game and multiple activities to help kids of varied skill levels have conversations! $ Looks-Like-Language!

Why some kids can’t spell and why spelling tests won’t help: Good article on teaching spelling, something I always struggle with.

haha so true! when we were in Cali on our way to move to New York, we were at target and Jayden told our cashier that she needed to take a shower because her teeth were dirty!!! thank god Aaron was there because I had to WALK AWAY from laughing so hard. I was crying lol. I couldn't believe he said that!

One day you'll have kids and I hope they turn out just like you!

This collection of examples of bad grammar would make a great starter/closing activity to a lesson. Or turn it into a team quiz and get your students to find the mistakes.

Celebrity Equations. These are wonderful 😂

What Is Art? by Leo Tolstoy (on Emotional Infectiousness and What Separates Good Art from Bad - Brain Pickings)

Finally, a helpful guide! You don't understand how long I've wanted this. You really don't.

After studying the classic fairy tales, it's fun to compare the fractured versions.