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Our Attention Spans Are Dwindling, And It's A Big Problem (NEW BOOK)

Our Attention Spans Are Getting Shorter, And It's A Big Problem

Emotional Intelligence mind map created by Nitya Wakhlu. The Emotional Intelligence Mind Map will help you to understand feelings and emotions. The Mind Map breaks down how emotions impact our daily life and work; including acknowledging and responding to our emotions and those of others, plus methods for confronting and processing emotions from awareness and discussion through to action. In addition the Mind Map highlights practices and techniques for... More mind maps @

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7 Ways to Sharpen Your Focus

ARTICLE: 7 ways to sharpen your focus. #mindfulness #focus #psychology

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Popular Myth About Success Debunked

Why The 10,000 Hour Rule Is A Myth #focus

ARTICLE: Attention regulates emotion #focus #psychology #mindfulness

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A New Approach to Education

BOOK EXCERPT: Empathy and Academic Success - from Daniel Goleman and Peter Senge's new book, The Triple Focus: A New Approach to Education #focus #education #teaching

Chart of Emotional Intelligence

ARTICLE: What mindfulness is - and isn't #mindfulness #meditation #focus #psychology

3 ways to introduce focus-related learning into the classroom. #education #teaching #focus #psychology