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Classic, Contemporary, Witty, Serious, Tear-Jerking, Wise, Profound, Angry, Funny, Spiritual Atheistic, Uncertain, Personal, Political, Mythic, Earthy, and Only Occasionally Morbid https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/death-poems/id719296647?ls=1&mt=11

Poem: A Gentle Man's Bitter Song -- by Michael McClintock. Dedicated to Vincent van Gogh.

As if death was soon to come...

A POEM --- SUBJECT OF DEATH ----- when death comes --MARY OLIVER

10 of 2013's Best Books of Poetry

10 books every girl in their 20s should read.

Come Together Kids: 10 Great Books (perfect for a book club)

Their tears were their love poem 1 by Christopherspoetry on Etsy, $10.00

One of my favourite poems. A calming, reassuring ode about death and loss for anyone who's experienced it. Genius!

Death by John Donne http://www.annabelchaffer.com/search.php?search_query=tassel+bookmarks

I used to take my old books to a consignment bookstore. Not anymore. I keep ALL of them:)

anne sexton courage: "and at the last moment/ when death opens your back door/ youll put on your carpet slippers/ and strides out."

classic books everyone should read | 30 Books Everyone Should Read Before Turning 30 – Flavorwire

Now I just want to read some of these books....

such a good book

seriously, get it together.


swallow books

I love books!