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  • CheeHuey Wong

    Gobble You Up! A handmade book with traditional, whimsical paintings depicting a tale of a greedy and wily jackal. Absolutely charming.

  • Mickey G

    Gobble You Up!: Gita Wolf, Sunita Sunita: "Readers familiar with a certain old lady who swallowed a fly will revel in this adaptation of a Rajasthani trickster tale. Beautifully illustrated." - Kirkus Reviews

  • Sona Cermakova

    children’s books | Brain Pickings

  • Ceegee

    Beautiful art kid's book

  • St. Charles Public Library

    Illustrated in the Mandna traditional finger painting style, this is the first time that this art form has been used to tell a children's story.

  • Emily Meehan

    The 13 Best Children’s, Illustrated, and Picture Books of 2013

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