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April 26

1946 Nicola

Albert Camus Thought That Life Is Meaningless April 26, 1946: Nicola Chiaramonte Reviews 'The Stranger'

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blog post on camus

The New Yorkerfrom The New Yorker

The Life of the Artist: A Mimodrama in Two Parts

19O7Efu Illustration

100Th Birthday

Cartoon Style Illustration

Algerian Journal

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Albert Camus

Muradov Illustration

The Life of the Artist: A Mimodrama in Two Parts : The New Yorker

The New Yorkerfrom The New Yorker

Camus in New York

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Pobune Albert

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Camus in New York : The New Yorker

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D Albert Camus

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Slate Magazinefrom Slate Magazine

The Poet Who Threw Out the First Pitch at Yankee Stadium

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Omissions Are Not Accidents

Brain Pickingsfrom Brain Pickings

How Diego Rivera Met the Fierce Teenage Frida Kahlo and Fell in Love with Her Years Later

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High Museum of Art — Diego Rivera: My Art, My Life: An Autobiography

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The Razor's Edge by J.M. Coetzee

Brain Pickingsfrom Brain Pickings

The Letter Is Dead, Long Live the Letter

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Letter Simon

Love Letters

In To the Letter, Simon Garfield traces the fascinating history of letter writing from the love letter and the business letter to the chain letter and the letter of recommendation. He provides a tender critique of early letter-writing manuals and analyzes celebrated correspondence from Erasmus to Princess Diana.

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Desperately Looking for Others - Los Angeles Review of Books

Brain Pickingsfrom Brain Pickings

Words on Words: Five Timelessly Stimulating Books About Language

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Words on Words: 5 Timelessly Stimulating Books About Language | Brain Pickings

SFGatefrom SFGate

'The Angel Esmeralda,' by Don DeLillo: review

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Il Dialogo

Delillo 2003

Delillo Review

Capitalismo Dialogo

Delillo Ver

Don De Lillo si autodecostruisce: la poetica di "Point omega" (@Einaudi editore). In #LVUSPT si tenta il dialogo con questa poetica.

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The New Yorkerfrom The New Yorker

Lost in Translation: What the First Line of “The Stranger” Should Be


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The new yorker: lost in translation: what the first line of "the stranger" should be

New Republicfrom New Republic

For $2,500 You Can Now Own Joan Didion’s Sunglasses

2 500

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Joan Didion

Issue Ms

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Joan Didion "The writer, who detailed her diagnosis [of MS] in "The White Album," told the New York Times she went blind for six weeks due to the disease."

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Mexico Is On the Brink of Disaster — And It's Time for the U.S. to Pay Attention - Mic


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What 9 World Leaders Were Doing in Their 20s


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DEBORAH DEWIT A Thoughtful Life (2001)

The New Yorkerfrom The New Yorker

Facing History


Catherine O'Hara



Catherine Camus on Her Father, Albert

MIT Sloan Management Reviewfrom MIT Sloan Management Review

How Twitter Users Can Generate Better Ideas

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How Twitter Users Can Generate Better Ideas | MIT Sloan Management Review

Foster Narcissistic

Andrea Alfano

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2015 Scientific

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Too Much Praise Promotes Narcissism - Scientific American