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11 Of The World's Most Beautiful Libraries

<p>Trinity College Dublin's library was built in 1592, and houses the 1,000-year-old Book of Kells. Controversy was sparked when librarians realized the long room, pictured here, bears striking resemblance to the Jedi Archives in the Jedi Temple in <em><a href="" target="_blank">Star Wars</a></em>--but director George Lucas called it a coincidence.</p>

Langston Hughes was born 02-01-1902 in joplin missouri he published his first poem in 1921 he attended columbia univirsty but left after 1 year to travel

Uhhh . . . after reading this I think my soul just took a dump. "Dunham’s sentiments, or at least the sentiments of her characters in Tiny Furniture, got me thinking: if Dunham—who is undeniably making a mark in popular culture (how permanent that mark will ultimately be is another question entirely)—feels this way about poetry, how many other people share her sentiments?" (from "I DON’T “GET” POETRY READINGS" by Bethany Prosseda)

Persian poet Ferdowsi (940 – 1020 CE), the author of the Šāhnāmeh, the national epic of Iran and the Persian-speaking world.