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    Oxford Dictionaries just announced that their Word of the Year for 2013 is selfie, which means "a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and upl

    Oxford Word Of The Year 2013

    • Divino Plastic Surgery

      #SelfieTime The buzz word of the year is “selfie”. Taking a photo of yourself is FUN. Here are three tips to take the perfect #selfie. 1. Pay attention to good lighting 2. Capture a good angle 3. Use your phone's back camera

    • Shrivastava Omprakash

      The trick with selfies may be to look at why you're taking them -- and what they do for you. Posting affirming selfies can be empowering. But they can also help reinforce the idea that what matters most in this world is how things, and people, look.

    • Ellen Lawson-Glass

      Let's face it, we are all knee deep in photos that sicken us. What bothers me about all of this is that it is making our society unaware of what is going on around them. They are self absorbed. If it is not social media that is taking up their time, then it is their phones and selfies.

    • guzi gyzy

      y'a pas de malaise, juste qu'après les merveilleuses photos vues sur certains tableaux,ces photos que j'avais mises n'avaient plus lieu d'être.Je ne serai sans doute pas à l'aise pour faire des selfies, et je dois retrouver le chargeur de l'appareil dans le bazar du déménagement, je sais que je ne peux rien faire pour l'instant et ça me gonfle


      Take a #selfie and share with us! Tag #loveudeal show off your #smooth #skin #skincare #beauty #beautiful


      Wearing matte makeup will always make you look better in a selfie, or in fact in any photo this is because it doesn't reflect the light and cause glare. Because selfies are usually taken quite close up, glare can be worst as it reflects back into the lenses of the camera and highlights the features of your face making them look bigger than they really are. Any kind of shimmer on your face may also look like you have an oily face, If you have dry skin opt for mineral makeup

    • Kylee Weston

      Top Ultimate Makeup Guide For a Better Look in a Photo -

    • RYOT News

      How Selfies Could Save Your Life #Selfie #Science #News

    • Women Daily Magazine

      7 Beauty Tips For Your Perfect Selfie

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