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Albert Camus

In or Outsider? Camus and Algeria

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Camus having a laugh.

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

How existential are you? – books quiz

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Albert Camus

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

Albert Camus will always be the outsider – and I'm proud of that, says the writer's daughter

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Albert Camus with his twins Jean and Catherine in 1957. Photograph: Loomis Dean/Time Life Pictures/Getty Image

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Albert Camus

Beaton 1946

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Camus 1913

Camus Albertcamus

1913 1960


Albert Camus by Cecil Beaton, 1946

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Albert Camus


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Albert Camus, 1954 -by Yousuf Karsh

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Disturbing Book

camus- the stranger | The weirdest, most disturbing book I've read since Kafka's The Trial. 10/10 would read again.

Slate Magazinefrom Slate Magazine

The Poet Who Threw Out the First Pitch at Yankee Stadium

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Omissions Are Not Accidents

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

16 Works That Ernest Hemingway Thought A Young Writer Should Read

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Ernest Hemingway Creates a Reading List for a Young Writer #book cover #cover book #book covering #3d book cover

Brain Pickingsfrom Brain Pickings

Letter to Borges: Susan Sontag on Books, Self-Transcendence, and Reading in the Age of Screens

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Where the Stress Falls Have read this. I want to read everything she's written.

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Study Finds That Reading Tolstoy & Other Great Novelists Can Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Brain Pickingsfrom Brain Pickings

The Project of Literature: Susan Sontag on Writing, Routines, Education, and Elitism in a 1992 Recording from the 92Y Archives

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Susan Sontag remains one of the most interesting minds in modern history, with provocative and prescient beliefs and opinions on everything from visual culture to love and sex to stereotypes and polarities to why lists appeal to us. But arguably her most timeless insights touch on the heart of her own creative material — literature.

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Si tu étais invisible pendant une journée, que ferais-tu?

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Nigeria 1959

Chinua Achebe, Enugu, Nigeria, Eliot Elisofon, 1959.

Talk in Frenchfrom Talk in French

10 Great French Novels to Learn French for All Levels

French Frenchteacher

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A new article: 10 Great French Novels to Learn French. + I shared some few ways that you can make reading in French easier. Don't hesitate to share

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12 Books That Made You Fall In Love With Reading

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12 Books

12 Books That Made You Fall In Love With Reading This is for a long day at the beach and in between starfish hunting.

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

How Much Of A Book Addict Are You?

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How Much Of A Book Addict Are You?