English Speaking Countries - Read about evolution of English, and view list of english speaking countries as English is most widely spoken languages in the World and vote for 'Should english be official language of world'

The politics of speaking English well

Every unit is all ninja, all the time. Ninja jokes, ninja facts, ninja stories. Students will have a riot of a time learning about Commas in a Series! FREE POWERPOINT by Created for Learning

The 10 best words the internet has given English. The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/apr/17/tom-chatfield-top-10-internet-neologisms

Infographic on some eccentricities of the English language and second language acquisition. This easily could have been three times as long... but it is not.

Every english teacher's favorite list... BUT I read somewhere that using too many other words instead of "said" is a clear sign that you're a beginning writer. Most of the time, "said" is just fine. It's nice to have options, though. :)

Practising fluency in speaking - the 3-2-1 activity

every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world. After trying the verses...

15 Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

What dialect do you speak? A map of American English. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2013/12/02/what-dialect-to-do-you-speak-a-map-of-american-english/

German | 14 Maps That Show What Languages People Speak In The U.S.

Borrowed words: the 14 languages that have given the most words to English over time. OxfordWords blog

Achingly unacceptable: the bad language that bugs me | Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/apr/03/bad-language-bugs-me


They're, There, & Their in English


Infographic: 15 of the most avoidable language errors | Articles | Main

10 Most Commonly Misused Words

22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other

3 ways to speak English. Jamila Lyiscott is a “tri-tongued orator;” in her powerful spoken-word essay “Broken English,” she celebrates — and challenges — the three distinct flavors of English she speaks with her friends, in the classroom and with her parents. As she explores the complicated history and present-day identity that each language represents, she unpacks what it means to be “articulate.”