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Good Fiction Has Surprising Effect On The Brain, Scans Reveal

Good Fiction Has Surprising Effect On The Brain, Scans Reveal- This is your brain on books.

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Why Do Our Offices Make Us So Miserable?

Drawing from popular books, movies, comic strips and an abundance of management literature and business history, this surprising "secret history" shows how the white-collar world came to be, from the mid-19th century to today, and reveals what it might become.

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Voyages of discovery: what to read this summer

Voyages of Discovery: What to Read this Summer - by Gaby Wood 07/12/2014

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JK Rowling planning trail of Christmas surprises for Harry Potter fans

Author reveals she will produce new material for Pottermore website as well as a special story on baddie Draco Malfoy

BREAKING NEWS! We recommend the new eBook "INSIDE HOLLYWOOD SECRETS OF MOVIE STARS AND CELEBRITIES EXPOSED" as a must-read event, new from for a special price of $.99. Top 10 Most Famous Paintings in the Art World is based on Google Images information and research: This video was produced under the d...

On December 18th, Piu Eatwell will be visiting the library to discuss her new book They Eat Horses, Don't They? The Truth about the French. In it, she explores some of the stereotypes about the French that have been in the news in recent years after the success of a new genre of books that hold up France, the French people (and women in particular) and the French way of life as the ultimate in style, love, cuisine and bonhomie.


ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution In Schools

BAGHDAD (AP) — The extremist-held Iraqi city of Mosul is set to usher in a new school year. But unlike years past, there will be no art or music. Classes about history, literature and Christianity have been "permanently annulled." The Islamic State group has declared patriotic songs blasphemous and ordered that certain pictures be torn out of textbooks.

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University Offers 'Harry Potter'-Themed Sex-Ed Class

Boston University is teaching students about safe sex and sexual health with a little bit of help from none other than wizard extraordinaire Harry Potter. Last week, as part of “Frisky February,” a monthlong series of sexual health-rel...

another door design for the winter baby shower if we go with a "literature" theme? PB n E new chapter?

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Book mark, Books Mini Poster, the love of real books, reading, book lovers

Do you love "real" books like I do? Read more to find out what happens to your brain when you read fiction!


Every Book A Surprise

The Monkey’s Paw introduces the Biblio-mat book-vending machine that dispenses a random book for 2 bucks

The Woman Who Changed Her Brain: Stories of Transformation from the Frontier of Brain Science by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

Psychological Trauma & the Brain: Interview w/ Kim Shilson. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to reorganize itself through new connections & brain growth. Awareness of this potential provides a sense of hope to individuals suffering from post-traumatic sequelae as well as their treatment providers. Treatment that considers the brain’s neuroplasticity can, in a sense, reverse the effects of trauma. A great book on neuroplasticity is: The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman…

Language and Your Brain infographic