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Mrs. Hale, a British soldier's wife, plays the accordion outside her house for a group of US soldiers. England, 1944.

British soldier ww1 unknown Scottish regiment. by thardy1, via Flickr "Argyll and Sutherland Highlander from a Service battalion, this time with a kilt apron that was used to replace the sporran and protect the kilt when in the line."

Mimi Joshua-Olushoga, London, 1971

Legendary British Victorian stage actor Sir John Martin Harvey and his rather delight hat. #Victorian #19th_century #1800s #photograph #antique #vintage #man #actor #stage

The Jersey Lily - Lillie Langtry (1853-1929) British actress, mistress of King Edward VII and painted by Millais and Burne-Jones.

The remarkable Captain Flora Sandes – the only British woman to serve as a front-line soldier in WW1

A postman emptying the pillar box the morning after a heavy bombing raid in London. Circa 1940-41.

British and German soldiers exchange cigarettes, gifts, and addresses during Christmas Truce, 1914

Food consumption over 4-month period for an "average" British family of three, 1949.

Members of the British Ambulance Corps arrive after a V2 rocket strike on London, 1945.

The Most Beautiful and Timelessly Bewitching LGBTQ Love Letters in History

Five Australian gunners on duckboards crossing Chateau Wood during Third Ypres

Hartlepool residents became the first British civilians to be bombed by German plane in 1914