Which Literary Couple Are You And Your Significant Other?

The Death Of The Patriarch: Remembering Gabriel García Márquez I have read "100 Years of Solitude" about every ten years or so since the first time I read it. Each time I have read a different book. As I grow older I see layers that, for me, did not exist before. I believe I will start on it again tonight.

Arctic Summer, by Damon Galgut. "In retelling [E.M.] Forster’s story as a story, maybe that’s Galgut’s signal contribution: a reminder that however scrupulous we are about the facts, the result will always in some sense be fiction." - Rohan Maitzen

The Drawings of Jean-Paul Sartre

"Our Diaries, Ourselves." Mythili G. Rao on Ongoingness: The End of a Diary and The Folded Clock: A Diary. "In the years I wrote in my diary nearly every night, I would always put down my pen feeling calmer. I was certain that each page I filled brought me a little closer to some vital truth about my life that was just out of reach — and that only the act of writing could reveal."

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The Books You Think Every Intelligent Person Should Read: Crime and Punishment, Moby-Dick & Beyond (Many Free Online)

Lynda Barry’s Syllabus: An Illustrated Field Guide to Keeping a Visual Diary and Cultivating the Capacity for Creative Observation | Brain Pickings

"This permission is central to our delight in books that disorient us in ways that are somehow familiar, books that seem to shriek, in fear and jubilation: WHERE ARE WE IN TIME AND SPACE? What a relief to feel that it’s all right not to know." Why Are So Many Female Writers Turning Their Novels Into Diaries? | The New Republic

Emily of New Moon, by L.M. Montgomery. “I am going to write a diary that it may be published when I die.”

I wondered what did my favorite books look like without words. Can you tell them apart or are they all a-mush? In fact, they can be quite distinct.

The Writing of Fiction, by Edith Wharton (1924). Wharton chose a line from Thomas Traherne's poem "The Vision" as the epigraph for her book: “Order the beauty even of beauty is.” http://sarahemsley.com/2014/01/24/edith-whartons-passion-for-order/

Literary map of Great Britain.

I discovered two new facts about Laura. The first is that my 148 diaries represent only about one eighth of the total number of volumes Laura wrote. It turns out that I don’t have a single complete year after 1962, and that almost all the 70s, the second half of both the 60s and 80s, and most of the 90s are missing. Estimating from the gaps in my collection, the correct total number of books is closer to 1,000, or 40m words. Laura was the most prolific diarist in known history.

"An Inglorious Life." Rohan Maitzen reviews Elizabeth Gilbert's novel The Signature of All Things.