Which Literary Couple Are You And Your Significant Other?

The Death Of The Patriarch: Remembering Gabriel García Márquez I have read "100 Years of Solitude" about every ten years or so since the first time I read it. Each time I have read a different book. As I grow older I see layers that, for me, did not exist before. I believe I will start on it again tonight.

Arctic Summer, by Damon Galgut. "In retelling [E.M.] Forster’s story as a story, maybe that’s Galgut’s signal contribution: a reminder that however scrupulous we are about the facts, the result will always in some sense be fiction." - Rohan Maitzen

The Drawings of Jean-Paul Sartre

“Experience in itself wasn’t enough. The diary was my defense against waking up at the end of my life and realizing I’d missed it.” - Sarah Manguso

"Our Diaries, Ourselves." Mythili G. Rao on Ongoingness: The End of a Diary and The Folded Clock: A Diary. "In the years I wrote in my diary nearly every night, I would always put down my pen feeling calmer. I was certain that each page I filled brought me a little closer to some vital truth about my life that was just out of reach — and that only the act of writing could reveal."

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Lynda Barry’s Syllabus: An Illustrated Field Guide to Keeping a Visual Diary and Cultivating the Capacity for Creative Observation | Brain Pickings

"This permission is central to our delight in books that disorient us in ways that are somehow familiar, books that seem to shriek, in fear and jubilation: WHERE ARE WE IN TIME AND SPACE? What a relief to feel that it’s all right not to know." Why Are So Many Female Writers Turning Their Novels Into Diaries? | The New Republic

Emily of New Moon, by L.M. Montgomery. “I am going to write a diary that it may be published when I die.”

I wondered what did my favorite books look like without words. Can you tell them apart or are they all a-mush? In fact, they can be quite distinct.

Kurt Vonnegut Diagrams the Shape of All Stories in a Master’s Thesis Rejected by U. Chicago

The 26 Most Hilarious And Shocking Moments In Literary History

Litograph tshirts... not yet available to the public, (just posters----also very cool) but I can't wait!

The Writing of Fiction, by Edith Wharton (1924). Wharton chose a line from Thomas Traherne's poem "The Vision" as the epigraph for her book: “Order the beauty even of beauty is.” http://sarahemsley.com/2014/01/24/edith-whartons-passion-for-order/

Literary map of Great Britain.

L.M. Montgomery. "Literary Rejection: Overcoming the Hurt, Recognizing the Blessings," by Nava Atlas, focuses on Montgomery, Charlotte Brontë, and Madeleine L'Engle. Literary Ladies' Guide to the Writing Life: http://www.literaryladiesguide.com/literary-musings/literary-rejection-overcoming-the-hurt-recognizing-the-blessings/#zAEroCib644cE8ux.99