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    How The Media Consistently Gets Games Wrong

    • Wesley Smith

      PRESENT: VIDEO GAMES - The play personality in the image is Competitive/Leader, when alone or with friends I love playing video games that require some form of team work. I love play these kinds of games which also got me motivated working on video games with friends from Full Sail University to make my love for video games a reality . Image:

    • Kenny Collett

      New Study Concludes that Video Game Violence Doesn’t Affect Real World Behavior

    • Marcy Martinez

      15 Video Game-Inspired Drinks That Will Make You Reach The Next Level


      How The Media Consistently Gets Games Wrong

    • Rachel Znerold

      playing video games - Google Search

    • Mindy Ratcliffe

      Dads, stop playing video games.

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    FUTURE: ANIMATION - Play personality is Artist/Creator, this is what I will be doing for a long time as work and as play for as long as I live. I believe that I will be doing this form of play in the future know that I will be an animator as a present and future career. Image: www.hdimagewallpa...

    PAST: SPORTS - Play personality in this image is Competitor, when I was a child I played a lot of sports such soccer, basketball, and golf With me playing sports I learned about team work and how working together with others you can accomplish anything and solve any problem. Image:

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