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FUTURE: READING - Play personality is Storyteller, I always loved reading and the places it can take you with the help of your mind. With being an animator I feel that I need to really read more often since story and animation go hand and hand. Image:

Poetry Pairing | 'The Fisherman'

FUTURE: ANIMATION - Play personality is Artist/Creator, this is what I will be doing for a long time as work and as play for as long as I live. I believe that I will be doing this form of play in the future know that I will be an animator as a present and future career. Image:

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Dystopias Aren't Just Great Literary Fun, They're Excellent Social Barometers

keep calm and read a book

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Mary Shelley’s handwritten poem “Absence”, on the death of her husband. "Ah! he is gone — and I alone; How dark and dreary seems the time! ‘Tis Thus, when the glad sun is flown, Night rushes o’er the Indian clime. Is there no star to cheer this night No soothing twilight for the breast? Yes, Memory sheds her fairy light, Pleasing as sunset’s golden west. ... "

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