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    When video games get into the news, they are almost always framed using two deeply entrenched yet diametrically opposed tropes. Unfortunately, both these tropes are based more in fantasy than reality.

    How The Media Consistently Gets Games Wrong



    • Wesley Smith

      PRESENT: VIDEO GAMES - The play personality in the image is Competitive/Leader, when alone or with friends I love playing video games that require some form of team work. I love play these kinds of games which also got me motivated working on video games with friends from Full Sail University to make my love for video games a reality . Image:

    • Kenny Collett

      New Study Concludes that Video Game Violence Doesn’t Affect Real World Behavior

    • Marcy Martinez

      15 Video Game-Inspired Drinks That Will Make You Reach The Next Level


      How The Media Consistently Gets Games Wrong

    • Rachel Znerold

      playing video games - Google Search

    • Mindy Ratcliffe

      Dads, stop playing video games.

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    FUTURE: READING - Play personality is Storyteller, I always loved reading and the places it can take you with the help of your mind. With being an animator I feel that I need to really read more often since story and animation go hand and hand. Image:

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    PAST: DRAWING - The play personality shown in this image is Artist/Creator, I loved to draw a lot being a natural born artist. I also liked to use my drawings to tell stories. My love for drawing any storytelling plays a big part in me wanting to become an animator as life long career. Image:

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    Love to letter poetry in my journal... Free Poetry App with 1000+ poems, updated monthly with new poems. #kidsapps #FreeApps

    FUTURE: ANIMATION - Play personality is Artist/Creator, this is what I will be doing for a long time as work and as play for as long as I live. I believe that I will be doing this form of play in the future know that I will be an animator as a present and future career. Image: www.hdimagewallpa...

    PRESENT: ANIMATING - The play personality is Artist/Creator, I always enjoyed animating as work and as something that i enjoy on my free time as well. This is the bread and butter to my animation career, with me loving to animate as work and as play it truly is the the definition of Work and Play. Image: quicktrack.wordpr...

    PAST: DANCING - Play personality that describes this image is Kinesthetic, even till this day I have loved busting a move when I 'am with family and friends. Dancing hasn't greatly impacted my life but it has helped to relieve stress and Has always been to do just for fun. Image:

    PAST: SPORTS - Play personality in this image is Competitor, when I was a child I played a lot of sports such soccer, basketball, and golf With me playing sports I learned about team work and how working together with others you can accomplish anything and solve any problem. Image: