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    11 Dystopian Novels You Absolutely Need To Read

    Dystopias aren't just great literary fun, they're excellent social barometers -- the future we fear says a lot about the present-moment anxieties that plague us. And right now, we're really fond of dystopian tales -- think The Hunger Games, or Divergent, or Chang-Rae Lee's new novel On Such A Full S...
    • Mark Read

      better photo of: a clockwork orange anthony burgess penguin book cover designer david pelham


      BOOKS WORTH READING: A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess | "A brilliant novel… a savage satire on the distortions of the single and collective minds.” - New York Times...READ MORE AT WORDSNQUOTES.COM.

    • Barbacane Libri

      Anthony Burgess, A clockwork orange, Penguin. #anthonyburgess #libri #libriusati #vintage #books #penguinbooks

    • Eline Van Hooydonck

      I have this one at home! #AClockWorkOrange

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    1984. Reading science fiction after the time in which the book is set can be a funny or painful experience, but not in this case, apart from a quaint reference to a microphone being too big to hide in a field... Otherwise this book becomes more and more relevant every time I read it... every couple of years since i was 14.

    I remember watching this movie with my father on seems a million years ago...I was a teenager. I found it brutal and amazing!! I believe it's past time for me to read the book!!

    "A Clockwork Orange" > 1971 > Directed by: Stanley Kubrick > Psychological Sci-Fi / Science Fiction / Satire / Juvenile Delinquency Film

    Malcolm McDowell, Clockwork Orange "el condicionamiento clásico" "Cuando dos cosas suelen ocurrir juntas, la aparición de una traerá la otra a la mente". En -------> Rn EI -------> RI CONDICIONAMIENTO

    A Clockwork Orange (1971) "Enjoying that are you my darlin? Bit cold and pointless isn't it my lovely? What's happened to yours my little sister?"

    DESIGNER: David Pelham | ILLUSTRATOR: David Pelham | PUBLISHED: 1985 | COLLECTION: Non-Grid Fiction

    A Clockwork Orange. One of my favorite films

    This is once of those covers where I think to myself "I absolutely hate this, because I wasnt the one to think of it"