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    A brief look at one of the solutions to the scrap problem. In China, recycling scrap metals from old wires is now responsible for almost three quarters of copper production worldwide. Unfortunately, there is a downside to China's method. Pollution in recycling areas is dangerously high, and the methods used are hazardous to the health of those working in the plants, meaning recycling our scrap may not be as easy as it sounds. Hopefully we can find cleaner methods of recycling in the future.

    This is a picture of the technological dump sites in Ghana. The trash sites in the documentary we watched in week 5 were probably the most memorable and haunting moments for me, and I felt I should pay my homage here. As the news article attached states, people work in these fields despite the multitude of health problems associated with them because they need the money. I wonder what Ghana looked like before we turned it into a landfill.

    I found this image because it reminded me of the centennial light bulb over in Livermore. The fields of burnt out bulbs surrounding the one lit bulb reminds me of just how many bulbs I calculated were wasted. I can't help but wonder how much money was made off of the backs of all the waste produced. Hopefully we realize that quality is more important than quantity soon, I'm not sure the planet can take much more waste being piled on it.

    Trains are creepy enough, but left abandoned, in my nightmares LOL

    War is not a path to peace... no matter how many times we are told that it is. (iraq)

    Image showing Lebanon's garbage dump that rolls into the sea. THIS IS STILL UNREGULATED!!!

    It is not always easy to be happy... but it always helps to try. (garbage dump outside of Manila)

    this IS our problem. do we seriously need 300 dollar shoes when there are people using bottles? perspective.