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10 Controversial Short Stories

The Lottery and Other Stories (Penguin Modern Classics) von Shirley Jackson

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The 10 Best Weddings in Literature

10 Best Weddings in Literature

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10 Short Stories You Should Read This Winter

“The Snows Of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway | 10 Short Stories You Should Read This Winter

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10 of Literature’s Most Unreliable Narrators

10 of Literature's Most Unreliable Narrators

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10 Great Works of Fiction for Philosophers

"Hoy ha muerto mamá. O quizá ayer. No lo sé. Recibí un telegrama del asilo: «Falleció su madre. Entierro mañana. Sentidas condolencias.» Pero no quiere decir nada. Quizá haya sido ayer". ***** «Por...

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50 of the Scariest Short Stories of All Time

50 of the Scariest Stories

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29 Short Stories You Need To Read In Your Twenties

Must read short stories in your 20s. Looking forward to some of these!

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The Devil’s 10 Best Appearances in Literature

The Devil's 10 Best Appearances in Literature

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35 Perfect Examples of the Art of the Short Story

35 best examples of the art of the short story

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15 Short Stories You Can Read in Under 15 Minutes

Ever since the wheel tumbled into existence, we’ve looked to technology to help us do more with less. When we rolled out the printing press, publishing was revolutionized, and books began reaching ...

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10 Impressive Uses of Borrowed Characters in Literature

Anno Dracula - Johnny Alucard (Anno Dracula 4) By Kim Newman - DRACULA COMES TO NEW YORK: Kim Newman returns to one of the great bestselling vampire tales of the modern era. Considered alongside I Am Legend and Interview with the Vampire as one of the stand-out vampire stories of the last century - this brand-new novel is the first in over a decade from the remarkable and influential Anno Dracula series.

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29 True Crime Books Fans Of "Serial" Should Read

Some of these I've read, some not. Some good, some definitely not. I offer a few others that aren't listed: 1. No Stone Unturned by Steve Jackson 2. The Murder Room by Michael Capuzzo 3. Bitter Harvest by Ann Rule 4. The Skeleton Crew by Deborah Halber (I had to force myself to read all of it, but I'm glad I did as it gave me new insight into amateur online sleuths).

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50 Romantic Novels for People Who Hate Romance Novels

Here's the thing: sometimes, you just want to read a good love story. Or at least, something with a little sex, a little passion, a few dramatic swoons. But a romance novel, per se? Nothing so gaud...

If you have heard of Agatha Christie and are curious to read her books: good for you! She is a fantastic author who writes mysteries that still thrill people long after they finished the last page of one of her books. But, where to start? She has written 66 detective stories, and it can be quite intimidating as to which one to read first. This list is here to help with that.

Edgar Allan Poe introduced the British horror story, or the Gothic genre, to American literature, along with the detective story, science fiction, and literary criticism.


Top 10 Most Misunderstood Lines in Literary History

Top 10 most misunderstood Literary Quotes