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How Hilary Mantel brings history to book

When The Mirror and the Light to come out? I may have to re-read Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies while I wait.

Long and dense, but so gripping. I could not stop thinking or talking about it. 'Wolf Hall,' by Hilary Mantel - Review -

from The Huffington Post

14 Paintings That Revolutionized Art

Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" 1665) - "Certainly the way Vermeer captured subtle changes of light and focus seems to anticipate photography: some features appear in focus, while others seem out of focus, and objects are depicted with a foreshortening that resembles that seen in photographs -- this is perhaps one reason why he appeals to us today."

from Joy Roy Choudhury's Web Log

Rehearsing the Image Shift in the Silent Flux of Time: Lascaux, Horse (Cave Painting)

Cave painting of a horse, one of 2,000 pictures including animals, human, and abstract pictures found in caves at Lascaux, southwestern France, believed to be 17,300 years old.