David Foster Wallace Talks About Literature (and More) in an Internet Chatroom: Read the 1996 Transcript

Mark Twain (pen-name of Samuel Clemens) receiving an honorary Doctor of Literature degree from Oxford University, 1907

Ernest Hemingway was a very famous author from the 1920s to the 1950s. In 1954 he won a Nobel Prize in Literature.

Thomas Meaney: David Foster Wallace on Planet Trillaphon

Infinite (Jest)Map limited edition print- oh man, as a David Foster Wallace disciple, this is a MUST HAVE

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In the David Foster Wallace Archives: An Unfinished Story About the Internet : The New Yorker

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A Year of David Foster Wallace. DFW-related articles published in 2012.

Self-Portrait by Jean Cocteau in a letter to Paul Valéry, October 1924. From Belles Lettres: Manuscripts Of The Masters Of French Literature, Roselyne de Ayala and Jean-Pierre Guéno.

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15 Facts About 'Infinite Jest'

David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace saw clear lines between journalists and novelists who write nonfiction, and he wrestled throughout his career with whether a different set of rules applied to the latter category... This article explores those nuances and argues that Wallace’s thinking about genre was complex, multifaceted, and that it evolved during his writing life.

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David Bowie

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James Joyce