Memories ... how they surface in your novels plus a lot of psychological insight about memories that you can use when writing fiction. #writingfiction #writingbiz

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"Butt in chair, hands on keyboard." - Unknown #quotes #writing *

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Being invisble to guys is no fun...Attract guys like a super charged electromagnet

Can't remember who coined this one. The number one rule in any truly civilized society is, let people be different. Hey folks who are we really to approve or disapprove of anybody else? I have enough problems dealing with me. I have no time to judge another. In truth I just don't give a fuck what others are doing, or what lifestyle they live. It's none of my business.

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To Be or Not to Be - Hamlet choose your own adventure book written by Ryan Q. North, featuring many talented artists.

The Death Of The Patriarch: Remembering Gabriel García Márquez I have read "100 Years of Solitude" about every ten years or so since the first time I read it. Each time I have read a different book. As I grow older I see layers that, for me, did not exist before. I believe I will start on it again tonight.

Well, but as much as the Democrats would like to deny responsibility, most of them vote for and/or support the endless wars, too.

Dwight D Eisenhower

Truth hurts.

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"Equality hurts no one." | And some groups of people shouldn't have to fight so hard to get this point across, either!

Literary Lunch with author Frances Osborne and other events in London (6 - 12 March 2014)

Stephen Fry also suffers from manic-depression, so he understands what people with this kinds of problems have to deal with #depression #anxiety #treatment #