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    WASHINGTON (AP) — The formal process to build a library housing President Barack Obama's presidential records and artifacts began Friday with the formation of a new foundation, launched by top s

    Obama Library Foundation Launched

    • S P

      Democrats Increasingly Calling Opponents 'Un-American' The Hill columnist Niall Stanage reports that Democrats have been calling conservatives and Republicans "un-American" in their political debate. by WARNER TODD HUSTON 14 Apr 2014, 4:28 AM PDT

    • Heather Heskett

      At a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event in Maryland, President Obama accused Republicans of putting politics above the good of the nation and hinted that because of that they aren't patriotic.

    • Shay Swartz

      Republicans from the Senate Judiciary Committee are demanding that President Barack Obama immediately stop issuing visas to people from Ebola-stricken nations in West Africa.

    • National Review

      President Obama has decreed yet another delay for Obamacare -- even though he has no authority to do so. Read more: | #NationalReview

    • L Poulter

      President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks at McGavock High School, Jan. 30, 2014, in Nashville, Tennessee.

    • heidi-man

      The brutal murder of war correspondent James Foley drew a strange response from President Barack Obama. In his address to the American public, Obama told us that Foley’s murderers, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, are not Muslims, “for no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.” He PROVES he's Islamic/ShariaLawyer-MALE-SUPREMESIST-ISLAMO-NAZI-MEINKAMPFER-IN-CHEIF! We just never believed he'd really sell out the United States of America. His pen is mightier than a machete.

    • Garry Doolittle

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