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  • esta @sheconsulting

    Where would you live on this amazing map of the internet? #maps

  • John Reyes

    Artist maps out the Internet into countries, continents -- Slovakian graphic artist Jay Simons, who has created this incredibly detailed map of all the biggest players online today, in the style of an antique world map.

  • Sian Thomas | Rebel Angel

    This Beautiful Map of the Internet Is Insanely Detailed

  • Kern os

    Where Would You Live On This Amazing Map Of The Internet? Martin Vargic has imagined such a place with "The Map of the Internet," an exhaustively detailed map featuring places like the Spam Ocean and an island country known as BitTorrent.

  • Soft & Apps

    Martin Vargic es un diseñador gráfico eslovaco que ha creado el primer mapamundi de internet. Una obra impresionante que puede descargarse en deviantART.

  • Shelly Wellmon

    Incredibly Detailed Map of the Internet 1.0 Featuring Nations of Social Networks and Search Engines

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what a map is... a map is like a picture of the earth taken from high in the air. a map can show us many things that are located upon the earth. a few of them are shown here. a globe is really a model or small copy of our earth. just like a doll is a model of a small person, and a toy airplane is a model of a real airplane. /cc @Sha Hwang

Dymaxion map. Includes printable cut-out and link to Wikipedia article.

Some Amazing Facts About The Internet! #Infographic #HistoryOfTheInternet

Vintage Puzzle Map (via Smile & Wave) this looks like the cardboard puzzle I put together over and over and over!

Guild Wars Antique Map by ~Jenosavel. Each of the gods has been given a seal on the map which roughly reflects its spheres of influence within the world. There are no names written on the map. Rather, towns are marked by the guild symbol, or closest representation thereof, of their controlling factions.

Map from "The Physical Geology and Geography of Great Britain: A Manual of British Geology" (1878) by A.C. Ramsay, LL.D. F.R.S. via geology.19thcenturyscience

The Jealous Curator » Blog Archive » i’m jealous of shannon rankin Who knew that a bunch of maps, and a box full of pins could be this fantastic? Well, American artist Shannon Rankin I suppose. I am in complete awe of her creativity and beautiful attention to detail … and I bet she never, ever gets lost.

A Golden Book illustrator : Harry McNaught

Brain Break or Socratic Seminar piece? "A Map of all the Places in the U.S. Where Nobody Lives" from Jenny Xie, The Atlantic Cities

Global Living Costs Map -- I have lived in the 2nd most expensive country in the world and the 11th lowest cost of living country! talk about contrasts!