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Up to half the world's species will be gone by 2050. Prepare to be appalled. By Caspar Henderson

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History: Elizabeth Kolbert: 9780805092998: AmazonSmile: Books

Excerpt: The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History | Audubon Magazine

The Holocene extinction, sometimes called the Sixth Extinction, is a name proposed to describe the extinction event of species that has occurred during the present Holocene epoch (since around 10,000 BCE) mainly due to human activity. The large number of extinctions span numerous families of plants and animals including mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and arthropods. Although 875 extinctions occurring between 1500 and 2009...

‘The Sixth Extinction,’ on Endangered and Departed Species - NYTimes.com

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Odd Type Writers: From Joyce and Dickens to Wharton and Wealth, the Obsessive Habits and Quirky Techniques of Great American Authors.

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Mass Extinctions - Hank takes us on a trip through time to revisit the 5 major mass extinction events that have impacted species over the Earth's history, and leaves us with some thoughts about what could possibly be the sixth event - the one caused by human activities. Subjects: Evolution, biology, ecology. Length: 10:25

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Original cover of Der Prozess by Franz Kafka, published in 1925 by Verlag Die Schmiede, Berlin (written 1914-1915)

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Marley and Me

A Reporter at Large May 25, 2009 Issue The Sixth Extinction? There have been five great die-offs in history. This time, the cataclysm is us. By Elizabeth Kolbert

The Sixth Extinction - The Most Recent Extinctions

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