Each child paints one flower. Cut it into quarters and then rearrange! Beautiful!!

Collaborative art... art auction

the real focus being vertical or horizontal lines and color (either warm and cool ~ painted newspaper flowers?

spring art

Tints and shades? Like the torn paper pieces.

Grade 2

tissue <3s on 1" tangle squares Good one day project and put them all up as a mural quilt

Art lesson!!! - Primary colours, complementary colours, cool/warm ... oooh the possibilities!!

collaborative banner

Birds for the wall

Each kid could paint a large paper with bright colors then cut the "feathers" and create their own peacock

Class Art Projects For Auction | Group Class Projects / Collaborative Art

2D design collage~taking a word and repeating it with cut out fonts

These are the covers of the second quarter: a flower of spring with recycled material. Equipment needed: - A blue cardboard folio size. - Papers colors: red, yellow, orange and green. - Old CD's (one per child). - Painting green (two shades). - Permanent markers assorted colors. - Pencils, scissors and glue stick.

Cut paper relief sculptures.

good 4th project


Everyone gets a square with a quarter circle, this is the end result- could be a good ice breaker beginning of year activity or fraction activity

Owls cut paper

Mother's Day idea from exhibit "Picasso Flowers"