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2013 gardening trends - "With the ever-increasing emphasis on healthy eating, organic produce and sustainable living, gardeners everywhere are trying their hand at producing their own fruits and vegetables. #Stella Otto, the “Backyard Fruit Gardener”, says the trend is really taking off with younger gardeners."

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Fall Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Fall Vegetable Gardening for Beginners - Tips for getting started with a vegetable garden this fall

Strawberries Gardening Tips and Tricks

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Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil — Tips from

Freeze herbs while they are fresh - put chopped herbs into ice tray and add olive oil before freezing. Then put into freezer bags and label for later use.

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The 35 Easiest Container and Pot Friendly Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs - DIY...

The 35 Easiest Container and Pot Friendly Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs...

TONS of INFO FOR EACH VEGGIE We're here to help and will also cover vegetable gardening topics including... Garden planning and soil preparation Vegetable varieties - including organic, heirloom and hybrid Organic vs. non-organic gardening methods Container gardening "Must have" gardening tools Composting Freezing, canning and preserving Other vegetable gardening topics that pop up along the way

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How to Grow Blackberries

Learn how to grow blackberries in this post. These delightful berries, if properly cared for, can give you a delightfully delicious crop of berries for years to come.

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Vertical Gardening Inspiration

great use of space --> vertical gardening ideas with wooden fence #diy #garden

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