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Manners Can Be Taught...list of manners to teach kids by age group. these are really good esp. the table manners and patience.

Sarah Titusfrom Sarah Titus

Busy Mom's Guide to Teaching Your Children Manners

FREE PRINTABLE: Have you ever wondered how some children act one way in public while others act a completely different way? This busy mom's guide to teaching your children manners is for you! Learn practical skills to teaching your children manners, what the manners are, and why they are important in this guide. Need help remembering? Get this free printable to help you stay on course!

The Happy Housewifefrom The Happy Housewife

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids: Printable

Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

The House of Hendrixfrom The House of Hendrix

The Interrupt Rule

Kids must place hand on parent and wait patiently- parent can touch hand to acknowledge they know child wants to interrupt.

Picklebumsfrom Picklebums

15 Ways to Get Kids to Listen

15 tips to get kids to listen... good advice and no yelling involved :)

Babblefrom Babble

10 Tips for Better Behavior From Your Kids

10 Tips for Better Behavior From Your Kids - Amy McCready *Teachers - this is written for parents, but you can learn so much about children for your classroom too! Amy will be offering a free webinar this week. Check it out on Positive Parenting Solutions

Because my life is fascinatingfrom Because my life is fascinating

Teaching Your Child How To Be Happy For Others

Teaching Your Child How To Be Happy For Others #parenting #kids

staceyaltamiranofrom staceyaltamirano

25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9

I say these should be known way before 9, but a good list none the less. And 21 is one of my biggest pet peeves!!! Teach your children to be willing, happy helpers. It frustrates me when I ask a child to do something and they say no or they don't want to!

the Better Momfrom the Better Mom

40 Ways To Be Present in Your Child's Day

40 Ways To Be Present in Your Childs Day - The Better Mom --- Great suggestions! I struggle with this a lot. I feel there is always SO much to be done! But my kids are more important.

Babblefrom Babble

How to teach manners to toddlers, kids, and tweens

How to teach manners to toddlers, kids, and tweens. Because my children WILL be well mannered even if it kills me!

I Can Teach My Child!from I Can Teach My Child!

1-2 Years

list of activities to do with toddlers

This women is genius! A list of daily morning activities/tasks for the kids during summer break to keep their bodies and brains active and their house clean. kids get paid for doing the things on the list and at the end of the month those with enough money get to go somewhere fun with the money!

Babblefrom Babble

Finally, a Chore System That Actually Works in My House

Chore System - step-by-step chore cards with detailed instructions for each task. - Tips: -Be Specific -Keep It Simple -Define Expectations -Color Code (similar chores, areas of the home, or appropriate ages)