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all you need to know . . . and perhaps "un pain au chocolat, s'il vous plait" as well :)

The first one to arrive at their home wins. Turtle beats the hare again!

So true (and who doesn't love free stuff!?)!

Ooh La La French sign digital - Pink uprint NEW art words vintage style primitive paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying $3.99

Get your Suppresso on. Suppresso™ ('suppress' + 'espresso') is an all natural green coffee blended with love & botanical extracts that help him suppress appetite, control cravings, boost energy & increase your metabolic rate. Only available at www.skinnymetea.c...

Love is precious. I guess this is what it means because it was written here before. Love has not price is the literal translation....

How to choose between "vous" and "tu" in French --- unless addressing family members' (and not always then either) or close friends, or you have mutually agreed on 'tu' the proper address is always 'Vous'.

Would make a cool sign in a nice vintage house French: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday