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Yeah, this girl isn't being coaxed, she's confident, daring and also studious, those glasses aren't for looks they're to make a statement as to her individualism.

Kids. Little children fascinate me with their just general happiness and ability to get over things so quickly. I miss the carefree days from when I was younger.

Love! Nothing quite like the love of a Father towards his daughter, nor the joy of the daughter towards her Dad.

advocating "man repelling" from day 1 ! (www.themanrepelle...)

one day im going to have a prissy little girl and drees her up really cute like this :)

OMG is she not the cutest lil thing in her fur gilet

Mother and child baby announcement / picture / baby photography idea / pregnancy

Love everything about this. Captures a mother's love in a timeless moment. Beautiful.

Is it me, or is this too grown up? I mean, *I'd* love to wear that outfit but i find it off putting to see little kids gussied up this way. Let kids be kids man, cowboy boots with tutus and fire fighter hats if that's what it is... no 6 year old is this put together or sexy.

Things I love. Babies, picket fences, flowers and clothes hanging on the line...

vintage children fashion- now, If only kids had no opinions of their own and you could dress them up like dolls...