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// This little rock and roller.

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OMG is she not the cutest lil thing in her fur gilet

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“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” Albert Einstein

This little girl shows up all over the place, she is just absolutely gorgeous. She has the sweetest little face with those over sized big blue eyes. Love her!

Love this perspective. What are they thinking? Are they reading a book? Smiling? Eyes closed slightly. To me this tells such a story.

Is it me, or is this too grown up? I mean, *I'd* love to wear that outfit but i find it off putting to see little kids gussied up this way. Let kids be kids man, cowboy boots with tutus and fire fighter hats if that's what it is... no 6 year old is this put together or sexy.

  • Holly Newcomb

    I agree, it looks weird on a child. But great for an adult.

  • Ana B.

    I know that as a child I would not have enjoyed wearing that outfit. I wouldn't have been able to move as easily in it. Heck, I hated wearing jeans as a kid! It was always stretchy pants or no pants!

My sweet daughter..

vintage children fashion- now, If only kids had no opinions of their own and you could dress them up like dolls...

Make each child a book of their quotes... Fill it with pictures of your child, inspirational quotes, and more importantly… THEIR QUOTES! This is a priceless idea, love it!

Your birthday is the happiest day of my life.

  • Trisha Machowicz

    Chelsea Partin lol this is a baby shower gift, but this is how i'm going to feel when you turn 21! :)))))))))))))))))))

  • Tangela Brown

    Aww ha ha :-) but this can apply to both of us since we share birthdays Jennyfer Pierre

  • Jennyfer Pierre

    Tangela Brown you celebrate everyone bday like it's your last !

  • Tangela Brown

    Because I never know when it bay be the last time I celebrate my /your birthday .. For example Natalie moved who knows when I will have a chance for another bday takeover

  • carmen mmartinez

    Mason grandma loves you

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