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  • Jamie Barrera

    wedding picture ideas: Me and my sister are gonna do this!

  • Jeannette Santos

    bride & maid of honor. i'm totally doing this on my sister's and best friend's wedding days!

  • Bethany Mangon

    jump on the bed on my wedding day this will be done with my brides maids (:

  • Valerie

    So.. I definitely want to do this with my sister on my wedding day.. or both sisters and the rest of my bridesmaids too. :D

  • Jesse Danishefsky

    wedding photography must haves...and this is a must have :) I can see me and Brittany doing this on my wedding day!

  • Tia Duncan

    Bridesmaid photo idea ... i think soo

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Beautiful Veil This is a really good idea for pics....wish I had done this. The lace I bought from bridal store downtown Columbus in 1970 was from France and was $45 dollars a yard. I planned out even square inch that I bought...ctc

Your maid of honor is one special lady .. one way to showcase that is having her wear a different color than your bridesmaid❤

something to do with maid of honor

I love this idea for the bride and maid of honor! Definitely not forgetting this one - B "Two perfect dresses. Photography By / braedonphotograph..., Planning Design By /, Floral Design By /"

My best friend and I someday. Can't wait to share such a special moment with my BFF

I know most people do a "first look" for pictures and time, but Micah and I both really wanted his first glimpse of me to be of me walking towards him down the aisle...(side note: SO WORTH IT) I really wish I'd thought to do this with him as a pre-wedding picture, though! Someone seriously needs to use this idea if they are like us and go the traditional route!!

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bride and maid of honor...not sure why their dresses are both love the picture idea!!!

Bride and maid of honor picture... (love this idea, if i were ever a maid of honor, just don't think I would want to be going on the ground after I got so dressed up & all. lol. (; )

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